Switzerland, over the Alps to Northern Italy

We are planning a trip to Switzerland and Italy in June. The plan is to fly into Zurich, then take the train over the Alps to Lake Como area, then to Piedmont (wine and food area), and on to Florence and Sienna. Do any of you have suggestions for the best route over the Alps from Switzerland into Northern Italy?

Posted by Elaine
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My husband and I took the William Tell Express out of Lucerne, three years ago. It begins on a boat trip on Lake Lucerne and was beautiful. Then we boarded a train through the Alps and we went onto Lugano, in the afternoon. We spent five nights in Lugano. We did day trips over to Milan, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. Then for our return trip, we then boarded the Bernina Express in Lugano. First we got on a bus. It was a gorgeous ride around Lake Maggiore. We eventually boarded a train, which took us through the Alps. We changed trains and eventually got off in Zurich, in the evening. Then we spent an additional four nights in Zurich. Both the Bernina Express and the William Tell were picturesque.

Posted by Larry
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Actually, the fastest route doesn't really go "over" the Alps, it goes through them via the Gotthard Tunnel. But, there are large foothills. Your routing could be Zurich/Lucern/Arth-Goldau/Gotthard Tunnel/Como S. Giovanni. You would be at the south end of Lake Como.

Posted by Sam
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The really scenic route would Zurich-Chur-St Moritz-Tirano-Varenna-Milan. St Moritz-Tirano is particularly nice. Over the mountains, not under them.

Posted by Janis
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How many hours would it take on the Bernina Express to travel from Zurich to Chur to Tirano? We are trying to decide if going on the Bernina Express would be a good trip in one day. Ideas?