****** Switzerland in Summer ******

My wife and I are planning an upcoming wedding anniversary in the Alps, and although we originally planned to go skiing in winter there we decided the beauty and activities of summer outweighed that of the winter. We, of course, bought Rick's "Switzerland 2007" and began our planning.

As it turns out, Saas Fee not only has numerous summer activities to enjoy (Alpine Gorge, Adventure Forest, Hiking, Horseback riding, Canyoning, etc.), but they also have summer skiing on the glacier.

We are now extremely excited about the opportunity to enjoy the activities of both a winter and summer fun filled week, but I was wondering if anyone else had been to Saas Fee during the last week of June or first week in July.

1) Is the summer skiing really any good? (we are only average skiers, so professional slopes are not necessary)

2) Are the summers in Saas Fee really as nice as I've read, or should we consider someplace else? (suggestions welcome)

We thank anyone for their assistance!
Steve & Courtnay

Posted by Paul
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Hi Steve and Courtnay,
As I know nothing about Saas Fee, I'm responding to "should we consider someplace else?" Our favorite place in Switzerland is the Berner Oberland and the village of Wengen.


We stayed at and can recommend the Hotel Eiger in Wengen. The most beautiful scenery we've seen anywhere! We arrived in Wengen at night, and when we woke up and stepped onto the balcony.... we just could not believe where we were! If you have Rick Steves book, he basically has a chapter on the Berner Oberland.



Posted by Steve & Courtnay
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Excellent, and we did read about that location in Rick's book. I will be checking out the hotel you suggested this weekend.

Thanks again!

Posted by Lola
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We have found so many beautiful places in Switzerland, I can never limit a visit to just one place. Wengen, Mürren, Bettmeralp, Zermatt, Oeschinensee, Rigi . . . love them all! I do have a number of European friends who love Saas Fee for summer---very peaceful and more off the traveled path, at least for Americans. Last week of June/early July is a perfect time for wildflowers---at least it was in Wengen and Zermatt when we were there this past summer.

Can you possibly make time for a week in Saas Fee and 3 or 4 days elsewhere (like Wengen)? Or better yet, 2 weeks, with 3 stops.