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Switzerland in March -Yes or No?

I have ten days to travel between the 20-30 of March and would like to go to Switzerland. Any advise for this time of year. Clothing, Weather, Accomodation, Activities etc... I have heard that some towns are closed or dead. I am mostly interested in Grimmelwald surrounding region. I am an avid skier and hiker, which will be in season?

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You may catch the end of the ski season. But you'll be too early for hiking. The businesses in the mountains close when the ski season ends.

If you really want to ski, you may have better luck in the Bavarian Alps. The ski season on the upper slope of the Zugspitze occassionally lasts into late May-early June, long after the lower slopes become suitable for spring hiking.

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I suggest that you will be out of luck for both skiing and hiking during March in the Gimmelwald/Muerren area. Most places close sometime during March or April for "shoulder season", the period of time between the ski season and the summer season. Hiking trails are either loaded with snow or with lots of water from the snow melting above. Visiting is still an option, however.

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I was there the last week of April 2008 and the ski season had just ended. There was still snow in Murren and Wengen, but not in Lauterbrunnen. The waterfalls were in spectacular form, as the snow was melting. We had 3 days of rain, so views of the mountains weren't terrific. Hotels were very empty.

We went on to Locarno for 2 days in Ticino, and had a fabulous time with lots of sunny weather.


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Sarah - We were then the 21st - 23rd of March 2008. It was wonderful! we arrived late in the evening, could see a few flowers starting to peep out, went to dinner and bed that night. We we awoke the next morning, it was starting to snow! By 10:00 there was 6" on everything. It snowed all day. We took the local train to several towns. Everything was open, Skiers were everywhere, Hiking would have been out of the question. We took the Tram to Grimmelwald and the jungfraubahn Top of Europe, and the Schilthorn. We are from Oklahoma, so Snow like that was new. I am not a cold weather person, but it was very different. Wear many layers, the Top of the mountains was -10C, however in the towns, it was around 0.

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Go!!!! We were in Switzerland (Murren, Berne, Thun,
Montreaux, and Lucerne in the middle to end of March
last year, 2008. There was tons of snow in Murren
and beautiful weather everywhere else. We do not
ski, but enjoyed sledding in Murren. There was plenty of skiing going on and the views and gondola
rides are wonderful. By all means, take a scenic
train ride through Switzerland, any will do. It
is wonderful. Have fun. Joanna

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absolutly any advice there lads
about any hikiny and camping in switzerland
mucho gracias amigos