Switzerland huts bedding?

My husband and I will be spending 12 days in Switzerland. We have reservations to stay at small pensions and 4 lodgings that are only available via hiking and/or chairlifts. Berghaus Grindelwaldblick in a CoEd Dorm near Kleine Scheidegg Berggasthaus Gotschnagrat in a small double room near Klosters Platz Pension Edelweiss and Berggasthaus Trift in small double rooms near Zermatt. The info from my reservations say for some that towels are not included. However, it does not say if sheets are provided or just duvets. I assume they do not wash them daily? Do we need to take our own sheets? If you can answer and/or share your experience with these mountain hut type of lodgings..We will appreciate your response.
Thanks, Carol

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You can write in English, you'll be fine. I only said I checked the Berggasthaus Trift in both English and German because the "English" is in British English: "don't forget to bring fglannels and towels." Don't have a clue what "flannels" are so I checked the German for a translation: facecloth or washcloth.

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It really varies from hut to hut. I would ask them directly if they supply bed linens or not. Sometimes it is offered for an additional fee, sometimes they don't have the facilities to wash them and cannot offer them at all.

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We've done lots of hut to hut hiking in the alps (Mostly the Dolomites and around Valais in Switzerland) and the last poster is correct. If it is a larger hut then their website usually states what you need to bring. With the smaller ones you usually need to call to find out. At the very least they will provide nothing and you have to bring everything (we brought light-weight sleeping bags and a top sheet to cover the mattress; I've only ever seen twin sized beds so the sheets are very small to carry in our packs) and at most they will provide everything but for an extra fee. When we stayed at places where there was a fee, the bedding was always very clean and seemed freshly washed to us. Nothing like sleeping in a stone hut under an 8-inch thick comforter with a view of spectacular mountains out the window! Have a great trip!

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These aren't true "huts" like alpine club accommodations, they are rustic mountain inns (Berggastahus). They are privately run and every one is different. I have always wanted to stay at Bergasthaus Triff! I looked at their website in both English and German, and it says you need to bring washcloth and towel, but does not say a thing about sheets or sleepsack. You could email and ask. But to be on the safe side, I would carry a pillowcase and sleepsack. We stay in a mountain inn near Kandersteg and the private rooms provide sheets on the beds but the Matrazenlager (dormitory) just has blankets, so we bring sleepsacks and pillowcases for the kids who use the dorm. Also make sure you have slippers or light weight shoes to change into. Many places require you to leave boots near the door rather than wearing them in th ebuilding. Even if it is not required, it is polite to removve your dirty hiking boots; if there are not cubbies provided you can carry them to your room.

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Thanks for the information. Sounds like to be safe we should bring along a pillowcase and sheet. I have the email address for a couple of the lodgings and will email and ask? However, I do not speak German. I appreciate the info. Carol