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Switzerland and Benelux traveling suggestions.


I'm an 18-year-old getting ready to travel to Switzerland and Benelux with my 21- and 23-year-old siblings in late-May/early-June. We're flying into Zurich and out of Amsterdam and will be in Europe for 11 days (including travel). We'd like to visit Bastogne, Brussels, Bruges and Amsterdam, but we're totally flexible about how we do it -- with the exception that it has to be pretty cheap!

Any suggestions? We're all pretty much up for anything!

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There is so much to do in that beautiful part of the world! 11 days will definitely be jam-packed. With that limited time, one suggestion for the Swiss portion would be the Berner Oberland. Interlaken, its lakes, and the surrounding peaks are nothing short of spectacular, and a must-see. If you can shoehorn it in, I'd also suggest doing the Golden Pass train from Interlaken to Montreux; it's one of the most beautiful train rides I've ever been on! It's easy and quick to get around Benelux. The cities you mentioned are must-sees for obvious reasons, I'd also recommend Antwerp and Luxembourg city if you can get those in. Let me know if you want any other thoughts. Happy planning!

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I would suggest catching a train to Berner Oberland upon landing. Interlaken and surrounding area has become base camp for some extreme sports, camping is available and if all you want is to hike there is that too. It's not cheap, but I would shoehorn it it.


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"with the exception that it has to be pretty cheap!" Be prepared for some sticker shock in Switzerland, then. What did you want to do in Switzerland?

In Bruges, grab a bicycle and enjoy pedaling around the medieval streets. And throughout Belgium, enjoy sipping the famous beer at one of the many outdoor cafes... if you're a Jayhawk, you'll find the beer light-years beyond than the typical swill that American college students drink.

Check out the Let's Go or Rough Guide series of travel guides. These are aimed more for college-age travelers. As much as I enjoy Rick Steve's books, he writes more for an older demographic with more money.