Swiss weather in May

Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in Switzerland in May? More specifically the Murren area. How cold is it? Is there still snow on the trails?

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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It varies from year to year, although all the snow is usually gone from Mürren's altitude by May. The slopes above are not regularly clear until late June, however. And visibility is more frequently obscured by cloud cover than in the summer.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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I was in the Murren area mid-May last year for three day. During all three days the weather was excellent, temperatures in the 70s and perfect visibility. Most hiking routes were open, dry and clear; a few trails at the higher elevations were still closed. On the fourth day when I was leaving for Paris, there was an overnight snow storm that dumped about five inches of snow. So be prepared for anything.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Michael, were the hiking trails above Mürren, like the Allmendhubel Flower Trail and the Northface Trail, open? The funicular schedule shows it not running between 15 april and 7 June this year, and that is generally an indication of what they expect of the trails. On the other side, above Wengen, things open a bit earlier as the slope is south-facing. The cablecar up to Männlichen is scheduled to start running 18 May. Spring weather in the mountains is very unpredictable (actually so is the summer weather!) As Michael experiencd, it can be warm and summy for several days, and then cloud up and snow. We have encountered snowfall (but not snow on the trails) even in late June. Late May is safer, weather-wise and trail-wise, than early May. The good neews is that most hotels are considerably cheaper in May, as it is still low season.