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Are there major differences between 1ST/2ND class seating on the Swiss Rail pass system that warrants the added cost? Will be touring Switzerland for 6-8 days and plan on seeing as much of the country as possible. THANKS.

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Normally the difference between 1st and 2nd class rail cars are the 1st class is a little nicer and less crowded. Some have larger seats.

All Swiss cars are immaculate...both 1st and 2nd.

You may want to make "seat" reservations on some routes.

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i found 1st class seating in swiss trains to be COMPLETELY uneconomical. The only benefit i see is no crowding. For example, when an afternoon train pulls into a small town and 30 kinder pile into the 2nd class couch. It can get crowded and noisy (if children are annoying to you ??)

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We travel 1st class in Italy, but 2d class in Switzerland, always. No reason to go 1st class in der Schweitz. Many of the smaller regional trains don't even hav first class.