Swiss Pass options

I am trying to decide whether to buy a Swiss Pass online and have it mailed to my home before I leave for Switzerland or to just buy one at the train station there. I will be arriving in Zuerich early in the morning (6am) on a week day in mid-June. I have read that I could save some money on shipping costs if I just get the Swiss Pass at the station, but I have some concerns: Do they ever sell out at the station? and will I be there too early to purchase a Swiss Pass at a counter? Is it the same cost at the counter as online (minus shipping costs obviously)? Are there any other disadvantages or advantages to ordering online as opposed to buying it at the station when I get there? Thank you.

Posted by Jim
Bern, Switzerland
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Hi Burt, The ticket office at the train station in Zurich airport is open 06:15 to 22:30 each day, so there should be no problem buying the ticket when you get there. All Swiss tickets sold at the counter are printed from a standard roll of paper, so there is no chance that they will run out of tickets! When buying at the counter you may be asked to show that you are not a Swiss resident, so the easiest way to do that if asked is to show them you flight ticket. If you PM me the ticket you are thinking of buying, I will check what the price at the counter is and you can compare it against the online offer. Jim.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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You can buy a Swiss pass on this website and there is free shipping, plus a 20% discount in th eTravel Store if you need anything. And you pay in dollars so there is no foreign transaction fee, if you credit card charges those.

Posted by Burt
Boston, Ma, Us
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Okay great thanks for the replies everybody. I had no idea I could order it on this site and avoid the shipping costs - sounds like that's the way to go.