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Sunday morning Paris Rue Mouffetard to St. Sulpice questions

Bonjour! In planning for a short four-day trip over our US Thanksgiving holiday, I hope to visit St. Sulpice for 10:30am mass on the Sunday before we return home. Does anyone know if it would make sense to try and get to the Rue Mouffetard market street and stroll there first making our way back to St. Sulpice? Any advice in this regard would be helpful. If not feasible, then advise on strolling the area after mass would be appreciated as well! Theresa

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As I recall, I don't think the Rue Mouffetard area is near St. Sulpice. However the area around St. Sulpice is very nice. I like the neighborhood hangout, Cafe de la Marie right on the square near the church, for a cafe, glass of wine, or a sandwich. Many shops and restaurants in the area, most may not be open on Sunday, but the window shopping is great. You can make your way over to Blvd. St. Germain and visit Cafe de Flore or Deaux Magots.

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You could go to Rue Mouffetard first, then hop on the Metro at Cardinal Lemoine and take the metro 4 stops to Mabillon. It shouldn't take much more than 10 minutes or so on the train.

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If it's a ten minute ride, by the time you get in and out of the stations, find the platform, etc, you could have already walked. I suspect the ride might be a bit more. Also, you'd have an extra three-quarters of a mile combined walk from the Mouff to Cardinal Lemoine and from the Saint-Sulpice stop to the church.

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Hi, Theresa I was disappointed with Rue Mouffetard. There were very few interesting shops, mainly just restaurants catering to the tourists and souvenir shops. Besides, if it is Sunday morning, everything might be closed. Personally, I don't think it is worth making the extra effort to go there. Are you more interested in seeing a market or walking around a neighborhood? Why not just stay around St. Sulpice? Have you done the Left Bank Walk described in RS book? Or go to Luxembourg Garden?
There is a street market at Place de la Bastille on Sundays on boulevard Richard Lenoir. You could go after mass. Then, you could pick up lunch there. I had a very nice and inexpensive baguette sandwich of roasted chicken from one vendor. Dessert was freshly made crepes from another vendor.

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We have stayed at both the St. Jacques and the St. Christophe hotels in the 5th. Both hotels are nice but the rooms are small. The staff at both hotels were very nice. There is a market at the Place Monge on Sunday. There is also a larger market near the Maubert Mutualite metro stop. I don't remember if that market is open on Sundays. You can walk to St. Sulpice from either market. It is farther to the church from the St. Christophe but you can walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg. You can take the metro but you are still walking... down and up steps. We enjoyed the walk outside since it wasn't raining. Enjoy!

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Thanks to all for the suggestions! We are getting rather excited about our trip. So, in thinking this through, perhaps we should do mass at 10:30 and maybe stay in the general area and try to hit the Raspail Market before it closes around 2? I really like the idea of a street market, but we really want to hear the organ and attend mass at St. Sulpice as well. So hard......Sundays are tough. While I'm at it...any advice for a memorable yet not more than 175euro dinner for two on Sunday? It's our last night there, and Sundays are hard.....

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There is a Saturday morning market at Pl. de la Nation on Cours de Vincennes which is fabulous. As for a restaurant, google La Fermette Marbeuf. We went there for a special birthday dinner. It is very beautiful and the food is excellent, well within your budget of €175.