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stuttgart to paris

i need to buy 3 one-way tickets from stuttgart to paris on a particular there a cheaper way to do it than buy them on the raileurope web site?

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This is interesting...I went to the SNCF website to look and see if the prices were any different than the raileurope site. I entered the information, selected that the tickets would be delivered to the USA, and it actually popped me over to the raileurope site. I don't know what that means exactly, but I'm assuming it means that the prices are the same for both sites (SNCF and raileurope).

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Another way to avoid getting bounced over to RailEurope when buying off of the SNCF site is to specify that you will pick up your tickets in France. Print out your confirmation number, which is critical. You can then pick up your tickets at any rail station.

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The same thing happened to me, and I posted a question here, and some smart guys who know everything told me NOT to put US where it says the country in which the tickets will be picked up. I can't remember now how exactly to go around it, but if you search the posts initiated by me going back a few pages, you will find it. I believe I posted it in Transportation.

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That's because RailEurop (owned partly by SNCF) is supposed to be the only authorized agent to sell tickets in North America....they won't send tickets to the U.S. or Canada. Try the German rail system at (click on "Internat. Guest") and you will see print-your-own tickets for that journey...just make sure you bring along the credit card you used so they can be validated in Germany. With SNCF you can book SOME journeys and print tickets for them without having to tell them where you live, so you aren't kicked over to the RailEurope website....but not for Stuttgart-Paris. If you do use that facility in the future, remember to check "no I don't want trip insurance"....if you do, it'll ask for your home address....and, well, you know what happens after that!