stuttgart-strasbourg day trip

Hello, I would really like to visit strasbourg from stuttgart. Do you think it is really possible to cover in a day? Please help me in planning my trip. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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If you can get to the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof by 8:55, there's a direct train, operated by French rail. The trip lasts about 1:15. Otherwise, with one or two transfers, it would take about 2 hours. Seems reasonable for a daytrip. I'm not sure how long it would take to drive from Stuttgart, but from where I live a little south of Darmstadt, it took me about 90 minutes.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, There is also another way to go from Stuttgart to Strasbourg as a day trip, if you prefer taking German trains (IC and ICE) without having to reserve as you need to do on the TGV. Take the Stuttgart to Offenburg trains (one change required), then Offenburg-Strasbourg on the S-Bahn. Very doable as day trip.

Posted by Kathy
Germany, Germany
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There's at least 4 non-stops a daytakes 1hr15min. Easy day trip. Go directly from downtown STR to downtown Strasbourg, no changes. Go to the DBAHN office at the Hauptbahnhof for help in booking your ticket if you don't want to book at (but you can see all the options there).