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Stuttgart Christmas Market

I'm going to the Stuttgart Christmas market during the first week of December. I also plan one night in Esslingen, Ludwigsberg, and Colmar, France. What area of Stuttgart should I stay to be close to market and trains/s bahn? Should I spend the night in Esslingen and Ludwigsberg or do day trips coming back late at night? Is it safe for myself and adult daughter? Should we drive to Colmar or take train from Stuttgart? Any good suggestions for cozy and cheap B & B?
Thanks !

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I wasn't prepared to like the Stuttgart Christmas market, but quickly changed my mind shortly after arriving there. It is pretty extensive and because it is spread out so nicely, you don't get that claustrophobic feeling that can come with many of the larger markets. Very nicely decorated, interesting food choices, like goose bratwurst and salmon roasted on planks and a gigantic Finnish teepee to eat it in. The ice skating rink looked fun too. Loved the medieval Esslingen Market and wouldn't mind going back there again. Very unique and special. Wish I would have spent the night there. Lovely little town and a fabulous church to explore. Sarah from Stuttgart knows more about this church, so you might want to ask her. Trains are very safe, and I wouldn't worry at all. You won't be the only people training between these towns for the markets. We trained to Colmar. I liked this little town a lot too, but I am very fond of half-timbered buildings and medieval churches. It did have a French feel, similar to Strasbourg, but different too. Happened to be there the evening when the kids came down the canals on boats, with Santa playing an accordion, and all were singing French carols. Many of the people on the banks and bridges joined in the songs. There is also a great indoor produce market that I enjoyed visiting (and also to warm up) The canals are just gorgeous in the evenings, when the Christmas lights come on and the mist rises from the water.

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First, the Stuttgart Christmas Market is extensive and nice. We enjoyed it and are going back this year, also with time to visit Esslingen, Ludwigsburg and Tübingen. The Market is located in the town center. We stay at the City Hotel. It is about 10 minutes walk. There are many hotels in all directions from the town center. The area is very safe. You might use something like HRS.COM and sort the hotels from the city center to see what is still available. I noticed the prices are up for the 1st week of December. Esslingen (Neckar) and Ludwigsburg are about 15 minutes train ride from the Stuttgart main train station. I just checked there are still frequent Sbahn trains from both at around midnight. Stuttgart's local transportation system: Die Bahn does not list local fares but the look-up for connections is a bit easier: Hope that you enjoy it as much as we have. Gary

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Great, these have really helped me.

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I would just do day trips to Esslingen and Ludwigsburg. Stuttgart is incredibly safe, I travel on the trains late at night by myself all the time without incident. Staying near the train station is probably your best bet. There aren't a lot of hotels in the city center that aren't near that area. The city is very well connected for public transit, however, and not so large. The drive from Colmar is easy, but taking the train is even easier, and you won't need the car to explore once you're here. Please PM me if you'd like more information on Stuttgart!