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Studying Abroad in France

So I'm going to be studying abroad in Tours, France for about 9 months and I want to travel around Europe on weekends and breaks. I've never been to Europe, so I have no idea what the best places to see are, or how to get there in the cheapest way. If anyone has any suggestions as to must sees and how to get there, that would be awesome. Thanks!

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I'm assuming that you're doing a college-level study abroad instead of a high-school exchange.

One thing I would recommend is to get to know your European classmates, who may then invite you to their homes on weekends. In family homes, you get to see a part of European culture that you can't get by just seeing the sites.

The opportunity to study abroad is invaluable in that you can get BEYOND being a mere tourist and seeing the sites. I'd recommend grasping the opportunity because it is so precious and it is difficult to get again once your study abroad is over.

I studied abroad in France almost 20 years ago and am just now (finally) going back for a substantial length of time this summer.

Enjoy your stay.