Student Airfare?

Are there any student deals for airfare? I am trying to fly to France from the US and then from Amsterdam to the US. I am on a tight student budget and am not sure how to shop for airfare. Any and all tips would be appreciated. Thank you!

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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Does it need to be summer travel? It's the most expensive as you probably already know. Icelandair would save you $100-$200, but they don't serve Lambert (MSP is closest gateway). Check Aer Lingus...they're often cheaper (gateway is ORD). Otherwise, flexibility is the key. I'll agree on uisng kayak to compare, but always double-check the airline site directly.

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Nope, your only hope is to be as flexible with your itinerary as possible. Always check flights during the week - Tues or Wed - as fares tend to be lower. Either of the below sites works for me - just leave your dates as flexible - also check out Turkish Air and Iceland Air websites as well - they tend to have good deals (if they fly from your airport, that is) I had a good experience with KLM flying through both cities, but pick whatever airline cheapest. You're going to be trading off cost for time/convenience. Eve if you don't get the best airfare possible, look at it as just one component of your budget. There is also lodging, food, transportation within Europe, and entertainment. You can cut from one "bucket" to make up for another "bucket" - so try setting an overall budget and working off that. If airfare ends up high, then you'll have to spend less elsewhere. Best of luck!!!