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Staying on Moosstrasse in Salzburg

  1. How quickly can one get back and forth between the old town and Moosstrasse on the bus?

  2. How late can one reasonably arrive at a B&B?

We will be arriving at the Salzburg bahnhof at 18:20 (coming from Vienna, after a stop in Mauthausen) and have reservations at a B&B on Moosstrasse, Haus Ballwein. I'm wondering if we'd have enough time to check in at the B&B then go back out to the town for the evening, or if we should just drop our bags in a locker and arrive at the B&B late (let's say 22:00 or 23:00).

On one hand, after a long day of travel we'd probably like to drop off our bags and refresh a little, yet I don't want to waste too much time running back and forth. I'd also like to make sure our room is all set and not stumble into a family-run place too late. As far as time goes, all that we expect to accomplish that evening is going to Augustiner Bräustüberl and maybe a little shopping/strolling.

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Hi Craig,
... you can obtain transit time information for auto, train, even afoot movements at via michelin, above. Copy & paste the link into your Internet search box, then touch ENTER on your keyboard.

... We suggest you contact your B&B about your arrival time. Life will be much more pleasant if someone is expecting your unusual arrival and have made advance arrangements to receive you.

Gute Reise! P

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up to 25 min wait for bus. go to bb first. purchase 24 hr pass in lower level mof train station at tabac.