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Staying near the Louvre

We are thinking of staying near the Lourvre/Rivoli metro station. Is this a good area as to safety, shopping, cafes etc. ?

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Everywhere is safe. There are cafes througout that area. The Les Halles and Montorgueil shopping area are about a five-minuet walk.

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Now, Ed brings up an interesting question I have never seen addressed on this site. Is it really necessary to do the Minuet while on the streets of Paris, or will something more modern do? The Electric Slide, perhaps?

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OMG that actually made me laugh out loud Karen,, and I rarely do that on the computer,, LOL Mary,, the area is safe, if perhaps a bit boring( ok maybe just to me) but frankly most of central Paris is very safe, and I travel solo, so I am very aware of how I feel walking around at night etc,, I have stayed in the 1st 5th, 6th, 8th , and 14th,, (those # are the neighborhoods or arrondissmonts into which Paris is divided, the Lourve area is the 1st). I have been accosted or seen others accosted in the 1st several times for the "ring scam", likely as it is a very touristy area so the scammers hang out there. Find a hotel you like , at a price you like, don't feel you need to limit yourself to much to one area over another unless you seek something very particular( very quiet, very commercial, very touristy etc)

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It is a perfectly nice and safe area, however it is not very residential, so it can be a bit boring. There are still lots of restaurants, shopping, etc, but there are more tourists than locals.

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Yeeaahh, it's safe enough but not very neighborhood-y and/or cozy. Personally, I think you'd be much happier in the Marais or St. Germain areas (4th, 5th, or 6th). These areas are all very central with lots of cafes and shops, and are not far from the Louvre.