Staying in Prague

We are planning a summer trip to Prague. And we are considering renting an apartment as we will be there for 7 days. But the apartments that we are looking at require us to pay in cash? Is this typical? We would prefer not to travel with that much cash - and are told we could also do a bank transfer to pay - but that still does not give as much protection as a credit card would. Can someone give advice on staying in Prague and what is typical for payment for an apartment rental?
Or should we be sticking to hotels? Thanks

Posted by Carol
Santa Cruz
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I can't answer your question about payment for an apartment rental. However, we stayed at the Arcadia Residence, steps from Old Town, a few years ago. These are essentially small, beautifully equipped, apartments....but run as a B&B and so much more. Check it out on Trip Advisor.

Posted by James
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I sort of know the apartment rental business. Cash at checkin is normal. Seven nights might be $1,000 unless you are renting a really nice place or unless the rates in Prague are a lot more than I think. Split the cash between the "we" members and it wont be that bad. And remember you can travel light on money and top off your needs at most any ATM machine; and for very good rates. Or, yes, you can wire the money. My bank charges $45 for international wire trasfers.