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St. Gilgen and Salzburg what's your opinion?

I haved booked three nights at the Schernthaner Hotel in St. Gilgen and plan to book one night in Salzburg. I thought
it would be easier to see the Salzkammergut(sp?) from St. Gilgen and we could also drive into Salzburg for a day or evening from here. The one night in Salzburg is because we have to drop the car and take the train to Vienna. Does this sound reasonable? We are thinking of spending one day in Hallstatt and don't have any firm plans for the other days. Suggestions? P.S. Does anyone know of the Schernthaner hotel? Thanks for the input! Pat

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Hello, Pat -
Sorry we can't offer a critique of the Hôtel Schernthaner.
But we can suggest, if you can work it in, a trip to Gosausee (incredibly scenic Gosau Lake) near the small Salzkammergut town of Gosau. You could see photos at You could get there by Postbus from Hallstatt, if you need wheels at that juncture.
Also, a short train ride from Hallstatt is the town of Bad Ischl - a former country retreat of the Emperor and his entourage. There's the fabled Zauner Konditorei - as well as the Kaiservilla (Kaiser's hunting lodge). The town is itself a jewel.
A motor launch meets every train that stops at Hallstatt station, if you need this info. Hallstatt, of course, is on the opposite side of the lake.
Have a great trip! ... p.

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It's a great plan - go for it. I've stayed up the road in Hof bei Salzburg several times because I like Hotel Jagdhof, but St Gilgen is my favorite small town in Austria. I've just seen the outside of the Schernthaner, but, looking at their website, the inside looks good and the prices are reasonable. St Gilgen is in the middle of Sound of Music country & the scenery is hard to beat. Other towns worth a visit in the area are St. Wolfgang and Mondsee.

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Thanks for your replies - it helps to know the plan is not way off base! We'll probably stay at the Weisse Taube for the one night.

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Salzburg is pretty convenient for one very busy day (or two days at a relaxed pace)plus a more relaxed evening. In the day you can visit the fortress, gardens, squares, churches and cemetery. In the evening you should walk the river after dark for some great views of a beautiful city then check out the brewery. I've been to the brewery a couple of times. It hasn't been a party like the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, it's more like a big restaurant that serves a great beer.