St chapelle concerts

Hello, I was wondering if purchasing a ticket to a concert at st chapelle in paris also would include a tour of the church itself ( including upstairs ). Thanks Andy

Posted by Susan
Atlanta, Ga, USA
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When we attended a concert at St Chapelle a tour of both levels was not included. We entered on the upper level where chairs were set up for the concert. There is no need to order tics from Classictics, etc. We stopped by on the afternoon of the concert and bought them for about $25 or less.

Posted by Carolyn
Seattle, WA, USA
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If it is dark outside during the concert, you won't be able to see the windows very well at all. We went to a concert there at night and the windows were totally dark. Fortunately, we had been there in the daytime, so had seen the windows at their glorious best. Also, you will not be able to visit the lower chapel when there for a concert. I would certainly go to the concert, if that music genre is to your liking, but suggest you tour St. Chapelle in the daytime in order to fully enjoy it.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Admittance is about 1/2 hour before the concert starts. If you get there then, you will have plenty of time to walk around the chapel and enjoy the windows (and take photos) before the concert begins. There are usually 2 concerts each evening. Go to the one that starts before sunset. The windows are lovely as the setting sun lights them up.

Posted by H J
LaGrange, Ga, USA
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I agree with the last poster, above....sufficient time to see and enjoy the beauty of the church.