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Spanish Itinerary fine tuning

You all have been very helpful in my earlier posts. We are planning to spend 5 nights in Madrid, using it as a home base to day trip to Toledo and then heading south to see Cordoba, and spend a few days each in Granada and Seville. We need to end up in Seville because we have a flight out of that airport. So, does it make sense to try to do Cordoba as a brisk stop on the train from Madrid to Granada, or should we save it for a day trip from Seville? Or rent a car in Granada and see it on the way between Granada and Seville. This is the current plan, but I wonder if it will be too long and crazy of a day in Cordoba and if we will have any trouble stowing our luggage in the train or bus station in Cordoba. Madrid Madrid (Day trip to Toledo Madrid Early train to Cordoba (day sightseeing) 5pm train to Granada Granada Granada Train to Seville Seville Seville
Seville (early morning flight)

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Your question was seeing Cordoba enroute versus as a day trip. Either works, but it is a long day. You did not ask, but I would like to share two things we did on a similar itinerary 15 years ago. One, we spent our first night in Toledo. It was a great thing to do and we got to see the city after the tour buses left. Two, we toured the Alhambra twice, the first time at night. I suggest at least 2 nights in Granada. Also, in Spain buses are as good as trains, save of course the AVE. Have a great trip!

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It sounds pretty good! Just to clarify something on your list, you are NOT going back to Madrid after Cordoba, correct? Cordoba is a shorter day trip from Sevilla than Madrid, and you'll be able to leave your bags at your hotel!

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Right. We aren't going back to Madrid. So we could either see Cordoba on the way to Granada, or later as a day trip from Seville.