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Spanish Islands, which one?

I've been to Spain (although not in at least 15 years), but have never been to the islands. Which would you recommend? I like low key resorts on the beach, preferably with a pool (but not a deal breaker if there isn't one) - small restaurants with good local food - reasonably priced (for Europe). Think: Late 1970's or early 1980's Nerja or even Marbella. I do not like crowded high rise hotels and resorts with lots of other Americans.

Someone did suggest forgetting Ibiza and Mallorca and going to the western coast of Spain (i.e. near Portugal).

Advice? Thank you!

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Forget about Ibiza. Mallorca is beautiful and its West Coast is just what you're looking for. Just don't do the North or East Coast and completely avoid the Palma to El Arenal area. It is THE most beautiful of all islands. What you might also like is Menorca where there is hardly any mass tourism. There aren't many Americans on neither one. Just masses of English, German and Dutch tourists. Also have a look at Formentera, which doesn't even have an own airport. One has to take a ferry boat from Ibiza.

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I agree 100% with Andreas.

Mallorca or Menorca will meet all your requirements.

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You can go to Mallorca and go to Menorca somedays with boat from Alcudia or Ciutadella.

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You might want to consider the Canary Islands as well. Although Tenerife is the main one, you might want to try some of the smaller or less visited islands such as Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Hierro, La Gomera. There are about a 3 hour flight from Madrid, but well worth the trip.

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