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Spanish Classes in Spain?

I am very interested in studying Spanish intensively in Spain (probably a two-week course). I am aware of several programs but am having a hard time finding feedback on any. Has anyone taken any of these courses? Any recommendations for one course over another, or one city over another? I appreciate any feedback.

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You might have good reasons (and a generous budget) for studying Spanish in Spain. However, if learning Spanish is your main goal, you should consider Guatemala. Here's the link for where I studied last summer: I had a wonderful educational experience, met lots of Europeans, and jumpstarted my much needed diet! Also, you can't beat the cost: $180/week for room, board and tuition. The school was great--my tuition bought me 5 hours/day one-on-one instruction. Ronaldo, the school's guide, took us on some very interesting excursions into the countryside.

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I appreciate the recommendation for Guatemala, but I really want to do this in Spain -- I also want to combine tourism in Spain on weekends and afterward, as well as visiting some friends from grad school who live there. I am thinking that Seville sounds just lovely, but wonder if a bigger city like Madrid might have more to offer. It's hard to find good advice by googling the subject, since it seems to mostly turn up the websites of the various schools and not the thoughts of people who have actually studied there. If anyone has advice on city or program, I'd really appreciate it.


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One place you might get some information is a local college or university study-abroad program. Contact them and see if they send students to or recommend any programs in Spain. If they do, they'll also have evaluations of the programs from participants.