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My husband and I are picking up my daughter in Seville after her classes have finished. We are trying to firm up our far I have 3 days booked in Seville. After that we are trying to decide if we want to visit Granada for 2 days and then on to Barcelona for two days and than onto Paris for 3 days and home from there. If we don't go to Granada we will probably drive around the white town area for 1 night and head to Barcelona one day early and then on to Paris. Which scenario seems more realistic? I'm afraid that we may be trying to pack too much in with the first scenario. Thanks for your help!

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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Impossible to give any meaningful advice without knowing more. Is this your first trip to Spain (or to Europe)? When are you going? How many days do you really have? What are your interests? How exactly are you planning to move between these locations? Do you have your tickets to Europe and back locked in? Etc.

Posted by Ann
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Sorry I'll give more detail. We are traveling to Spain for the first time. Years ago we lived in the UK and spent a lot of time in Switzerland and the UK but never Spain. We are flying into Seville and will spend about 3 days there, we will leave 9 days later from Paris. We hope to be in Paris for 2-3 full days. Basically I'm trying to decide that after our time in Seville if we should see the white villages and head back to Seville, fly to Barcelona for 2 days and then on to Paris for 3 days or leave from Seville spend 1 day in Ronda, 2 days in Granada, fly to Barcelona for 2 days then fly to Paris for 2.5 days. Thanks!

Posted by Chani
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If you've been to Paris before, 2.5 days is okay. If not, maybe skip Barcelona? I think that will give you more time in Andalusia too - flying often eats up a lot of time. Cordoba is an easy day trip by train from Seville, and the Mesquita is not to be missed. The problem with Spain is that there is so much to choose from and it's all good. I liked Ronda more than Granada, but nothing there compares to the Alhambra. I was in Ronda in low season and there were lots of tourists. If you're in Spain in high season, it may not be as nice. I spent about 3-4 days in the pueblos blancos, the scenery is beautiful. You will go through the area from Seville to Ronda

Posted by Kathy
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Either plan is good! If you're feeling that the first option is packing in too much, do the second. Barcelona warrants more than 2 days anyway. Go to Ronda if you want to say that you did a white hill town (IMO, Arcos de la Fronterra wasn't worth it,) or get to Barcelona even earlier!

Posted by Ann
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Just got back from doing Seville, Cordoba and Granada. It would be a shame to miss the Mezquita in Cordoba and Alhambra in Granada. Personally I loved staying in Cordoba across the street from the Mezquita. Was able to go early am 830-10am free and the nearby garden is free at those hours as well. The morning free time is enforced quiet time which makes that an even more perfect time to go. We did 2 days Granada, 1 Cordoba and 3 Sevilla. Sevilla can be done in 1 or 2 days.