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Spain in Dec for 2 weeks or Sept for 1?

I am trying to decide on a trip to Spain. I have ~9 days vacation in September where I can. OR, I can go in December for 2+ weeks. Which do you think I should do? I've never been to Spain, and there seems to be SO much to see! Can I do it in 9 days with good weather? or, should I brave the colder weather and take my time to tour the country? Thanks!

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We were there the last 2 weeks of August, which was great. (I'd like to hear impressions from others who have been in Spain in December.) One of my most lasting memories of Spain was all of the extended families, toddlers and all, strolling the streets at MIDNIGHT on those warm, summer nights. I think that in December one would miss out on sharing this unique social custom, especially in the coastal towns. I think September would be ideal...crowds down, but weather still warm and beautiful. You will not be able to see all of Spain in 9 days, or 2 weeks, or 2 months or 2 years! I would probably choose the better weather over several extra days, especially since the crowds would be much thinner in September anyway. But then again, I haven't been there in December!

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At lot of this question depends on whether you have the resources to go back again or whether this will be a sort of "once in a lifetime" or at least "once in a great while event."

Your airfare, which is typically the largest expense all at once, is likely to be similar for both times - so my view is that it usually is better to spend as long as you can.

I think December would be a good time because of all of the holiday festivities. You could get a whole view of how other cultures do Christmas, not just see tourist sights. Rick has a Christmas in Europe Special that is available free on iTunes. It'd be worth watching as you make your decision.

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We went during December 1 1/2 years ago, and it was lovely. Unless you are going for a beach trip, we'd recommend the longer trip (which won't be enough time anyways). We had cool to cold weather, but never frigid (we're from N.C.). It was cool to see the differences and similarities in how the holidays are celebrated, too. If you are there for New Year's Eve, be CERTAIN you have room reservations (not having them made our trip more adventurous and expensive than we had planned).

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it really depends on what you want to see... is it more of a beach vacation? the september, for sure. if you're looking at seeing more of landmarks, museums, and city trips, december. it might be a little cold for you, if you're used to CA weather... i was fine, but i've lived in wisconsin all my life!