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Spain help

I need help trying to complete the last part of my trip to Spain. We start in Barcelona (3), Madrid (4), Segovia (1), Toledo (2) and I don't know where to go for the last 4 days. Should I go to Sevilla and Granada? They are so far apart I am afraid that is not enough time to see both? Any advice/recommendations are appreciated.

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I would agree you don´t have time to see both, although they are both wonderful. 4 days for Andalucia would hardly seem worth it, as not only are they a way apart, but they are some distance from your other places. But if given a choice between the 2, I would choose Seville, but not try to do both.

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I agree with Liz....but both Sevilla and Granada are such wonderful places, I would even suggest making Toledo a long day-trip from Madrid, or even cutting a day off your Madrid stay to lengthen your visit to Andalucia. Assuming your stated times include travel times, that extra day would be enough to give you 2 days in Sevilla and, say 1 1/2 in Granada. Shaving Toledo would also save you some back-tracking time, since you have to go back to Madrid to get to Sevilla. The AVE fast train Madrid-Sevilla takes about 2 1/2 hours...bus or train Sevilla-Granada about 3 hours....then just over 5 by bus Granada-Madrid (just under five by train, but buses have much more frequent schedules).