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Spain-France (Pamplona + Tour de France)

I'm starting to plan our trip to Spain in July 2008. I've taken a few trips to Europe with my wife only, but this time, I'm planning for between two and four couples, each of which has children. We are definitely planning on going to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls (July 6-14) and the Hautacam stage of the Tour de France (July 14). However, I need to figure out the logistics.

I was thinking we would fly into Barcelona. We might spend a couple of days there, and then take the train up to Pamplona. We would run with the bulls and stay a couple of days in Pamplona. Next, we would either visit the Rioja wine country, or rent cars and drive to Hautacam, France for that stage of the Tour de France. After that, we would go back to Barcelona, spend a couple of days, and fly back to the US.

Do you have any advice for me? They questions I have for now are:

  1. Should we take a train or cars from Barcelona to Pamplona?
  2. Can we book a hotel in Pamplona, or are they all full now?
  3. Will it be difficult to travel to Rioja with children?
  4. Can you take the train to Rioja?
  5. Will it be difficult to book cars that can travel to Hautacam?
  6. Will we be able to find a hotel on top of Hautacam?
  7. Should we plan on driving from Hautacam to Barcelona?
  8. Are there good beaches in Barcelona? (kids love the beach)

I appreciate any advice you can give.
I would appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks, man.

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