Spain for 3 weeks with 14 month old

It will be our first time to Spain and we are planning to go around 20th June 2013, with our 14month old daughter. Would we be able to do Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid (with trips to Toledo and Segovia), Seville (with day trips to Ronda and Cordoba), Valencia and Menorca? If so, in what order should we go? I thought Menorca at the end would be great to unwind, before getting back to Barcelona and taking a flight back to India. Please advice and give any suggestions. Also any good, not super-expensive, kid-friendly accommodation suggestions would be great! thank you!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Nishant too much moving around with a baby . You should plan on sleeping in same place at least 3-4 nights most times, most babies do not like sleeping in a different place and travelling every 2 days.

Posted by Ed
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My observation, based on four kids, seven grand kids, and an uncountable number of runts who've slept in my house, is that the little buggers sleep like a log where ever you toss them as long as they have their favorite toy or blanket in the bed. What I can't see for anybody is ten places in three weeks. Neglecting the fact that some of the spots are a day apart, that's only two days in each spot, more realistically, a day or less. Most require two or three to scratch the surface. Madrid and Barcelona need maybe four. Figure out what you want to see in each place, how long it takes to see them, and how long it takes to get to/from/between them. Toss in some eating and nap time. Put a bunch of dots on a map. Connect them with the shortest lines possible. Reaseach the travel times based upon your planned mode of travel. Add time to get in and out of hotels, to and from stations/airports, etc. Write these on the lines (or make a list). You're going to do a lot of eliminating.

Posted by Darren
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hi nishant, I agree with both Pat and Ed, but for different rwasons. In 2011, we spent 3 weeks in Italy with our 10 month old, averaging about 3 days per stop. We spent a week at an agriturismo in Tuscany and realized the benefit of longer stays. Our daughter slept everywhere, as Ed suggested, but the many moves were tough in the parents, as Pat suggested.
we're heading to France in a few weeks with our 7 month old and 2.5 year old for three weeks, and we have 4-6 days per stop. We also found that the kids sleep better in a car vs. Train, so we've minimized train travel (which is quite the opposite of our norm).. In 3 weeks, I who,d keep your moves to 4 or so.