SOS: ATM with Plus or Star Traveling to Amsterdam, Holland

I have a local Colorado Bank Card, not a visa. This is just an ATM card, no debit advantages. The bank is helping to confirm that I can use the card at any Plus ATM in Amsterdam. Anyone know if these cards will work without the Visa and debit attributes. I searched the posts but nothing applies to my situation. Thanks,

Posted by Tim
Wyckoff, NJ, USA
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Most likely it will work. Look for a Plus logo on the machine. The card is much more likely to be returned to you than eaten by the machine. Why not do it during banking hours, when you could ask for the card back if the worst happens? Remember your daily limit at home, convert it to Euros, and round DOWN to the nearest 100 before trying the card. The other "worst" is that you have to go to the bank before you use the card after getting home. That's not so bad.

Posted by Rose
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You might want to think about opening a second small account at a commercial bank, such as CHASE, BofA, Wells Fargo, etc. to get a 2nd ATM card, in case you have a problem with the other one. Always good to have an alternate. Fund the new account with a few thousand $$ only meant to cover the day-to-day trip expenses and a bit extra in case something happens and you get stuck. My friends got stuck for about an extra week a few years ago when flights were grounded due to the volcanic ash that erupted. Extremely rare, but always good to be prepared, rather than get caught out.

Posted by Jim
Bern, Switzerland
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Hi Janet, I don't know if this helps but I have a standard ATM card issued by the Swiss Post and it works at all ATMs in Europe that show the Plus sign. Like you say, there is nothing on to indicate VISA or Plus, but it works fine. Jim.

Posted by Bob
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Hi Janet. We use a similar bank ATM card, it works fine throughout Europe. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Janet
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Thanks to everyone...sorry if I was not clear, the card does have the Plus and Star symbol on the back of the visa emblem or my name is on the card. The bank got back with me offering a list of many ATM locations where I can use the card. I got a little anxious there for a minute. Really glad this help board is available.