sore throat

Where can you purchase throat lozenges in Paris and Germany? Do any brands contain alcohol? Some Cepacol and Cloraseptic products do in Australia. THANKS

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Mary get thee to a pharmcie in France, they have tons and tons of them, and the pharmacists are incredible, they are very well trained and good at giving some basic medical advice and can even give you a few things from behindt the counter you can't get at home. I started with a cold about two days before my flight home and was not happy, nothing worse then being all congested and in pain for 12 hours in a metal tube right( or 20 hours in your case) so was thrilled with the products I was given, they worked. They have cepacol I think, and or it could be cloraseptic , so don't worry, go into pharmicie ( big green neon cross outside) and tell them your throat is killing you, motion if you have to, they will figure it out.
Good luck.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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I've spotted Ricola drops at drug stores in Paris. I've found that gargling with salt-water helps with my sore throats.