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sleeping in Wurzburg and sending downpayment money

We have run into some challenges with finding a budget place to stay in Wurzburg. When we have found a reasonable deal, they require a downpayment (in advance). They do not take credit cards. We are not comfortable in sending a signed check in the mail. How do we safely get money over there from the US? (Wire transfers are expensive!!)

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For the two places I am staying that required a down payment, I paid at one place via PayPay (they were set-up to do that), and I did wire at the second place. However, I just asked her if I could pay the entire amount in advance instead of just the down payment. You can shop around on wire transfers. I had my parents do it for me, because their credit union rates were less. Oh, the one place I used offered a Western Union option... maybe you could do that instead?

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I would weigh the cost savings of the hotel vs the cost of prepaying. And I would also weigh whether or not breakfast is included. We live in Wurzburg part-time, and buying breakfast is not cheap, particularly if you are a coffee drinker. Sometimes a place seems cheap at first glance but doesn't include brakfast or parking. Breakfast in a restaurant is easily 20 euros for 2 people. A pot of coffee (2 cups) is 4 to 6 euros. If you want more Wurzburg info, send me a pm.