sixt car rentals

I am confused because as I look to book a car from koblenz to baden baden, the pay now feature seems higher than the pay when you arrive feature...what am I missing? If I am reading it correctly, I can have a bmw for two days for a total of roughly $115. seems fair. Reaction???

Posted by Cyn
Wheat Ridge, CO, USA
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Gary-we used Sixt 12 year ago in France, but other companies have always had a better price for us since then (but we've driven Fiats, Peugeots, etc. rather than Bimmers. My guess is they might be passing on to you the fees for the "convenience" of using the internet and getting your payment out of the way.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I don't know your dates of travel, so I just did a dummy booking for pickup on August 14, dropping on August 16. I chose the BMW, and got a daily rate of $61.65 for paying on arrival. When I changed it to pay online, the price went down to $58.90. I'm not sure why you would have gotten the opposite answer. There is also a one-way fee of $8.25 added on top of those prices (but the actual numbers might be different because of different dates of travel).

Posted by Lee
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Pay now has always been slightly less expensive when I've rented from Sixt. Not sure what the problem is.