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Should I travel to Germany from Zurich if I have a free day?

My husband and I are planning a trip to Switzerland this summer. We arrive in Zurich a day early and are thinking of renting a car and traveling to Germany's black forest-Triberg maybe. Any suggestions on travel time, best places to see, and is this worth it? Other suggestions welcome. Appreciate any and all advice.

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Although I love Germany, I am a big advocate of exploiting the area you are in. Certainly there is something (Appenzell, Bodensee, etc) worth seeing in Switzerland

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I'll second the nomination for the Bodensee, but I'd recommend seeing a town on the German side, the lovely little island town of Lindau.

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Cathy, I absolutely loved Triberg - one of my favourite places that I visited. It is one of the best places to shop for a cuckoo clock, eat some black forest cake, and see the beautiful waterfall. That being said, Switzerland has some amazing things to see as well. I would only recommend that you travel up to Triberg if you are already seeing a full amount of Switzerland.

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Hi Cathy,
I wouldn't. Must be something of interest a lot closer to Zurich. I like one of Lee's idea's... Appenzell. The countryside around Appenzell is beautiful. Nice contrast to the more "Alpine" area's.


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I agree with the rest of the people who answered you. Traveling by car will atke you some time. Explore places around Zurich.

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Thank you for those who replied..I neglected to mention we would be in Switzerland for 11 days total so we will see plenty of the country. Going to Germany for the day will be a an added bonus!