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Should I buy a watch and if so, where?

I am thinking of purchasing a nice Swiss watch while I am in Switzerland. Will I get a better deal purchasing there and if so, can anyone suggest a store.
We will be in the Berner Oberland area.

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I certainly agree with the above two recommendations, but if you just have to buy a watch while in Switzerland I suggest you find a Bucherer store (Lucerne or Geneva, maybe also elsewhere).
Happy travels! ... P

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A few years back I checked the prices in Lausanne and with the coversion back then - it was almost the same as here. Reputable big name makers have tight control on their authorized distributors and so prices should be pretty consistent here in the US (+/- 3% or less?) from store to store. I did find the best deal was at the offical manufacturer factory outlet. But as others said - the main thing right working against you is the Dollar value. They have the advantage to buy stuff HERE right now! That said - it will only get more expensive as the dollar dips so if you plan to buy - you may want to do it sooner before it goes up another 5-10%! :)

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Considering that Switzerland is already an expensive country coupled with the sinking dollar which is almost on par with the Swiss Franc, I would guess your best bet would be to purchase a nice Swiss watch while in the USA.

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I have never met someone coming out of Switzerland who wasn't amazed at how expensive everything was. You'll probably do better here unless it's worth paying extra to say you bought it in Switzerland.

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Hi Kathy,
I've had a Bucherer watch that I bought in Switzerland and have worn it for 15 years. I'm not sure how it would compare at today's prices but I'd check it out. If it's more than your budget allows then you can always buy a watch at home.

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Thank you so much for helping to make up my mind. I think I will just do without for now. Is there anything else that might be a good buy and would make a nice souvenir. I usually buy myself a nice piece of jewlery when I travel instead of buying something that will sit around and end up stored away. It's always fun to say, "Oh, yes, I bought that when I was in ......"
This dollar thing has almost caused me to cancel my trip. But thanks to those here on the message boards who say go ahead.... I will enjoy life now. I have waited for 10 years for this trip. I will just make up for it in other ways. Like eating less. Could stand to lose a few pounds anyway. But will wait til I get back home. Thanks again.

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As for stores that sell watches, you'll be spoiled for choice. There is one every 50 meters in Switzerland.

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we did buy a watch in Switzerland [Lauterbrunnen, on the RS Germany-Austria-Switz tour] in 2006 - daughter had lost hers so we replaced it and paid a lot more than for the Timex I wear... but she loves it and hasn't lost it yet. My favorite souvenir, from the same store, was a wonderful red-handled Victorinox serrated-edge paring knife. I can't believe they let me take it through security but I had no problems, and I smile every time I use it, remembering our fabulous days in the Alps.