Short-Term Housing Munich

Hey fellow travelers! I'm planning a trip to Munich in awhile. I'll be staying there for about 9 weeks. I need suggestions on housing. I would rather rent an apartment or something than do weekly rates in a hostel. So help! Any suggestions on cheap ways to stay for longer than a normal visit? I'm a student so the cheaper the better! Thanks!

Posted by Georgiatraveler
Atlanta, GA
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Go to to look for an apartment to rent. I have rented both flats and small cottages off of this website in Germany and England and would love to do it again. Its very possible you might have to stay in two places just because you are wanting to stay for 9 weeks, unless your stay is a far way off and not around a major holiday/event. I always try to find one that is close to transportation if we are not renting a car, has stores/restaurants within walking distance and has all the most important things for us to be comfortable (washer and/or dryer). Eating/cooking most of your meals will save a ton of money. Getting fresh fruits, veggies, etc can be inexpensive. If you go out for a day you can always pack a lunch for yourself in a lunch size collapsible cooler that you bring with you. We packed drinks, cheese, sandwich meat and pudding cups for our train trip to Munich in a collapsible cooler that I brought from home. Feel free to ask any other questions.