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Going to Paris in summer and would like shopping suggestions. I'm a teenager, and on a bit of a budget, so I can splurge now and then, but would like to know where the good prices for average clothes are.

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Check out the shopping on rue de Rivoli - it's just north of the river near Hotel de Ville. It's lined with tons of inexpensive clothing boutiques and shoe stores. I found a few cute pairs of shoes for about €25 each, and several tops for around €20. Be sure to go to H&M for trendy stuff at a great price. I think there are 2 on Rivoli. It's not the most "Parisian" shopping area, but they have cute, affordable stuff you can't find here.

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Perfect! Thanks so much for the help.

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Yes -- I second the rue du Rivoli suggestion, I have shopped there several times. also check out the large BHV department store there -- right across from the Hotel De Ville. The Galleries Lafayette and Printemps department stores are good too.

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The rue de Rivoli is good especially H & M and I would also recommend going out to the Marias and walking along rue des Frances Bourgeois. There are lots of little shops with really cute things. Another good bet is the Cherche Midi area where there are all kinds of little streets with good shopping especially for shoes. Depending on when you go in late June and early July you will hit the semi-annual sales and get great things really reduced in price. My 18 year old granddaughter got a lot of things really cheap this summer and went off to college with a chic French wardrobe.

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I love shopping in Paris - that's part of the whole Parisian experience :)

There are lots of little shops in the Marais area, one of my favorites is near the Place des Vosges. You can also shop in the Metro - there are small shoe and bag kiosks in some of the stations. Also, there is the Place de Carrousel at the underground entrance of the Louvre - there are many shops there.

I enjoyed shopping at Bon Marche and the stores in that area - also check out the markets for good deals. There is one in the Marais where I bought cute tops for about 15 Euro. Monoprix and Zara have clothes very reasonably priced as well.

Bon voyage!