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Shipping Wine to Wash. State

We anticipate purchasing wine during our France trip this Sept.and prefer not to pack it with our luggage.Probably two or more cases between us and another couple. I have heard Wash. state is fairly strict on importing wine, has anyone experience a problem? Thanks!

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When I bought wine in Italy to be shipped to the US, they were required to ship it to a repackage house in CA, where they added the USA required statements "Drinking Alcohol may be hazardous to Pregnant...etc". Since both Washington and California allow reciprocity in wine shipments, I suspect that wine shipped from france, with the appropriate labels applied in the US (either in Washington or California) would allow you to receive your shipments...

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There was some recent court action on wine and beer sales in Washington (I know Costco was involved. I think they opposed Washington law along with other retailers), it was on appeal the last I heard. As I recall the upshot was it opened up Washington's distribution system but also had an effect on importing wines.

I wish I could remember more. Because I carry on, I only bring back labels pasted into my journal for wines we particularly enjoyed. We haven't yet tried to have cases shiped home.

I expect the wineries will know exactly what to do - but it may cost as much as the wine. Good luck.

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The Costco case had to do with pricing, not shipping. You can ship wine into Washington State (we have doe it several time); you do need to ship to an address where there is someone over 21 to sign for it.

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We were recently in St. Emilion staying on a vineyard and visiting the wine shops. I can't comment on Washington state, but the bottom line is shipping wine is very expensive. We were told it is around $150 per case and then $80 duty tax. The wineries ship it to New York (we live in Atlanta so not sure about west coast shipping) and the cases will arrive by Fedex to your doorstep. We estimated the total to be $600 or more. We just bought a few bottles and brought it back in the luggage.