shipping wine from Germany to the US

Does anybody know if we can ship Franconian (Franken) wine from Germany to the US? We think they do not export this wine to the US and would like to bring some back.

What is the maximum amount of wine we can ship back to the US?

Posted by Ali
Newton, MA, USA
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I don't know what the maximum amount is (if there is one) but you can surely ship it back. We bought some local wine while in St. Goar and we ended up only taking home 2 bottles and packing it in our luggage.

For those 2 bottles it would have been around 40-50 Euros to ship it. The store owner was trying to convince us to purchase 200 Euros worth of wine and they "throw in" the shipping (not extra) if you spend that much. We just didn't want her "package" deal.

I think it would have been around the same to ship a lot more though.

Posted by Doug
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Two issues - will the winery ship for you and does Texas allow you to have wine delivered by mail? I've bought wine with shipping as part of the deal. The winery knew what it was doing. But I bought six cases (of different varieties) so shipping wasn't so much of the price. I understand from other posts that it can be difficult to ship through carriers like DHL who have policies against shipping alcohol. A winery will likely know who to use (ours came by air freight).

Consider asking them to wait to ship until winter. You don't want your investment sitting in a hot warehouse along the way.