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Shipping to Provence hotel ahead of time?

Greetings! We are attending a wedding in Provence, and would like to ship the formal clothing (suit, dress, heels, flower girl dress, etc) in a parcel ahead of time, to our hotel, with the intention of shipping it back afterwards. Has anyone done this with success? The person who arranged our accomodations in Bonnieux (La Ferme de Capelongue) seems to think this is a bad idea. Any suggestions? Because we're travelling with a 1-yr old, we'd really like to keep the adult luggage to a minimum. I've always been able to do with a backpack for myself, but now...well, I'd like to avoid bringing a suitcase, if possible, as we'll be moving about a bit.

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Seems risky to me as it can take along time for parcels to get to europe then there is customs etc. loss, theft or damage. How about only shipping back from France to USA? Then if delayed it is no problem. Realize also it is very costly from France to USA for shipping. the decision is yours but one checked baggage with all the wedding clothing doesn't seem so bad.

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Thanks for the input. My main concern was definitely theft. I've shipped smaller airmail parcels to France in the past, and they've been received within 5-10 days, but you're probably right about customs and so is probably tighter these days.

One checked baggage doesn't seem so bad...but unfortunately I'll be travelling with the baby by myself for 1 leg of the journey, and 1 carseat, 1 largish backpack and 1 baby (no stroller!) will be all I have hands for, especially on the metro in Paris--we don't get a car until we reach Provence. Adding a wheeled suitcase, even a small one, becomes difficult on stairs.

In any case, I didn't realize that shipping from France to the US would be very expensive, so thank you for the info. It's certainly making me lean toward "no."

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For quaranteed safe arrival try DHL or Fed Ex.