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Seville Hotel that is quite?

I'm having trouble finding a quite hotel. All the ones I've checked out that Rick recommends on have horrible noise issues that people have reported.

Any recs?

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Hi Don,
We've had our share of noisy rooms - usually because we failed to ask for a room in some quarter of the hotel away from streets and the noisy all-night hotel café/ casino/ night club.
Once, in Quebec, we complained about a loud, all-night private party that spilled out into the hotel corridor outside our room. The hotel manager cheerfully refunded our money at check-out.
We doubt there are many hotels where ALL the rooms are exactly what you want. You can always ask to see a room before you agree to take it -- and if you can see the street from the window it's probably a room you should be suspicious about.
We truly hope you can get some sleep, wherever you find a room. It's not so much to ask for. Have a 'bon voyage'. P.

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Tks Perry.

Yes, we've had some noisy ones, especially in Spain.

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Haven't stayed there but walked past it many many times and is brilliantly located in Santa Cruz - Hotel Amadeus. Would not have thought it noisy but cannot comment on that personally.

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Hotel Europa...stayed there in 2005 August...dont remember any noise issues.....unlike Madrid!!

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Try Hotel Alcantara in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. We stayed there 3 days a few weeks ago. It was very quite as it is off a narrow street with no cars.