Seville/Granada Santa Semana 2013

We are going to be in Seville and Granada during Santa Semana. We'd appreciate help with a few questions that we have: 1- Where can I find a map of the official procession routes for Seville and Granada (preferably online or before we leave if possible) 2- We plan to take the train from Madrid to Seville to Granada and back to Seville during Santa Semana - will the trains run then? Would it be better to buy tickets in advance online? If so, what happens if we need to change the times? Is a train strike likely? Any ideas for a backup plan if there is a strike? 3- Any suggestions of where to stay in Seville & Granada for Santa Semana -we are a couple traveling with our 6 yr old son - we will only be in each city briefly but would like it to be quiet enough to get some sleep while we are there and not have too much trouble getting a cab to the hotel. Don't think we necessarily want to be on the official procession route but don't want to be so far outside of things that it takes forever to get to the sights. We'd like to stay someplace nice. Would consider paying around $300/night or so if need be. Thanks for any help you can provide

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1. 'Semana Santa Route Seville 2013' (or Granada) as a web search finds all for me. 2. Trains run as normal. Yes, you should buy in advance, certainly during this period, if you want a particular journey and peace of mind. If you need to change the times, your amount of loss depends on what kind of ticket purchased. Strikes require weeks of advance notice where essential services are concerned - none known. 3.
I cannot help without doing the same research as you on routes and accommodation locations and web directories (perhaps

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You did say 2013, not 2014. You need to lock in accommodations right away. This is an extremely popular time for everyone to visit those two cities. You won't be able to be fussy about which hotel this close to holy week. People do cancel, so you may get just what you want on the first try. Good luck.
Don't buy your train tickets until you are sure you have a hotel.