Seviilla - 1-1/2 days/2 nights April 23-25, 2013

Hi--will get to hotel about 1pm on Tuesday. Thought we would see Alcazar and surrounding gardens the first day. Thought we would do Concepcion's show and tell tour on Weds - 10:30/1pm Cathedral. What should we do with the rest of our time? I'm uncertain cause I don't know what her morning tour comprises. Don't want to do things twice. We are staying at the Hotel Amadeus. Any advice for that hotel? Gracias. Martha

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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The entire quarter around the Alcazar makes good strolling. You can also stroll along the river in the evening and see the golden tower (I think it has a naval museum in it, if you want to see inside during the day). I'm not sure if they'll have weekday bullfights since you're after the April Fair - but that may be a possibility if it's something you're interested in. The university has some historic rooms you can visit. We didn't end up seeing them because it was significantly more expensive than we had expected - and didn't feel it was worth it. There are two park areas within walking distance of the Alcazar that may be really nice while you are there - including Plaza de Espana - but give yourself plenty of time to explore the Alcazar and gardens inside its walls. Plaza de Espana isn't particularly special in my mind. It was built for an exposition. Visit for the surrounding park area more than the Plaza itself. We also wanted to see Flamenco one night. The show we saw was just okay - one dancer, one singer, and one guitar player. We enjoyed Sambra in Granada more primarily because there were multiple people clapping, singing and dancing. I'd suggest inquiring at Tourist Information for a show with more performers. The Cathedral is great. That and the Alcazar are the two absolute must sees. From there it's a question of what you like most.

Posted by H J
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Explore the old jewish quarter behind the Alcazar..lots of interesting streets and shops as well. A great city for walking almost anywhere.

Posted by Lo
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Los Gallos is a good choice for multiple dancers and singers, Flamenco style. It's in the old part of town. Go to the link and get a taste.

Posted by Martha
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thanks everyone. think our first day will be eating, Alcazar, river walk, flaminco at Los Gallos. next day do Concepcion S&T and Cathedral, shop and paseo. thanks for the info, I would have rushed the Alcazar and then been sorry.

Posted by Laura B
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Check out the flamenco museum to learn more than you thought you wanted to know about the music and dance. Loved it!

Posted by George
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The University offers a Flamenco without drinks and food in the Jewish section that was a wonderful hourplus show(around 7PM) reasonably priced and then freed us for a later relaxed dinner...

Posted by Teresa
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. We were in the Alcazar 2 years ago, I kept seeing a lady who was obviously giving a private tour to a family, she looked so familiar, you know in that ~ it's going to bug you forever if you can't place the face kinda way.... Finally I remembered where from and I approached and apolgized for intruding and asked her if she had appeared in a Rick Steves DVD.. She seemed thrilled that she was recognized, I think you'll have a great tour with her.

Posted by Jonathan
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Martha Please let me know how it goes. We arrive in Seville on 1 May, are staying at Amadeus de la Musica and are also taking a tour with Concepcion.
Side trip to Granada, and hope to see Flaminco as well as possibly bullfight Jonathan