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Serving size portions in restaurants in France

I will be traveling to Alsace & Provence this month. Many times when eating out in US restaurants my husband & I share a meal as the portions are so generous. My question is whether French restaurants generally have large portions & would it be acceptable to get a "split plate" in restaurants in cities & smaller towns in Provence and Alsace?

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Joyce, Take a look at French restaurants on the internet. Quite a few will have websites displaying signature courses. If you find that the main course is too large for your tastebuds to appreciate a glimmer of paradise, I then suggest you order an appetizer for the main course. They may look at you oddly if you order a "split plate." Part of the eating experience at a French restaurant is to appreciate the display of food on the plate. In all seriousness, French portions are not as large as ours. I hope this helps a bit.

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In almost every restaurant in Europe, a portion is just that. A portion. In the US, it's rare if my wife and I don't take home doggy bags. In Europe, we don't even think about doggy bags. Also, when you walk into a restaurant, look at other people's plates, to get an idea of the portion size.

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No one's experience can be considered typcial... but in my experience, the French usually serve food in modest portions. And even better, French restaurants usually allow you plently of time to enjoy your meal. You won't feel like cattle being herded (like I sometimes feel here...).