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Service: Best and worst German airports

A Cologne based agency has conducted a survey among 1650 travelers on 30 German airports. They asked about service, price/value of foods, beverages, rest areas, service staff, sign posting, etc etc. The results:The "best" German airport is Dresden followed by Leipzig, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Frankfurt (FRA), Cologne and Hamburg. The four worst are only listed in alphabetical order but I guess many of know which of those scored last anyway: Berlin-Schönefeld, Berlin-Tegel, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)...

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I can second the rating for Munich, it is one of my favorite airports to fly in and out of!

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Munich is my favorite, too. Frankfurt I avoid if possible.

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If it is okay with Andreas, I would like to expand his survey to Austria, and Vienna Schwechat Airport.

I would just love to hear about your experiences flying into or out of Vienna! Of course for me it is my 'local' airport, as an Austrian citizen I zip in and out without too much hassle. My American friends perusing it, were until now, accompanied by me, and have positive opinions, but in March I have an American friend flying in solo. She will have to make her way into Vienna by herself, and get herself on the train to Krems on her own, so I am really curious about any experiences you might be willing to share. The good, the bad and the ugly ;-))

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Andreas, could you post a link to that survey?

Of the last four, Ryan Air uses two, Schönefeld and Hahn.

I changed planes in Düsseldorf last Sept and didn't find it at all difficult. Signage was at least adequate.

I agree with Munich being pretty good.

I've never found Frankfurt to be difficult. Rail access is convenient. It's way easier than Newark or Philly in this country.

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I may be partial to Frankfurt Airport, but compared to many of the airports I have been to, it seems efficient and well thought out. There is a difference between a huge airport that fills with tons of people at certain times of the year, that of course causes some delays, and plain old crappy airports. Ones with deficient toilets, consistently delayed departures and arrivals, rude staff, no stores, extremely overpriced food and drinks, horrid and ugly colors or designs, teeny tiny elevators, carts that you have to pay for or ones that are so small you can barely get anything on. It is nice being so near to the city, where you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get there after your flight. You can actually visit the city during layovers. Not a lot of places you can do that.

When I was a hotel manager here, we had a shuttle service for the airport, where individuals could get picked up. I was always pleasantly surprised at the lack of delayed arrival flights. In fact, most of them from the states came in early. Sure, there are occasional delays, but it doesn't seem to be the norm like it is at some airports.