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Security Sending VISA Numbers Via Email

We are interested in a small hotel in Florence. They do not have a secure website for booking a room and they recommend sending half our VISA numbers via two separate emails. The hotel is called Hotel Dali. It seems to be highly recommended. Has anyone had any experience with this form of booking?

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This method is very common with B&B's and small hotels in Europe. No need to worry - by law if your credit card numbers are used fraudulently - which is extremely unlikely - your liability is limited to 50 bucks.

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Yes, very common. Don't worry about it. It's my personal belief that sending the 2 separate emails doesn't make much of a difference. From my understanding, you're at a bigger risk for the receiver (or someone other than the receiver) getting the emails than the email actually being intercepted. It's like giving a waiter your card in a restaurant. They disappear with it for 5 minutes and do lord knows what. I personally don't think sending it by email is any worse. but that's just me. everyone must do what he or she is comfortable with but it's definitely a common practice, especially in Italy in my experience.

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It has been posted many times that the transmission of email is extremely secure. Splitting an email does increase security but the difference is so small that it is not worth the hassle of sending two emails. A very high percentage of small hotels and B&Bs are booked in this manner and there has never been a reported problem on this web site or others.

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Thank you all for your replies. I will go ahead and make the reservations. Regards, Terry

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Whenever I am asked to send my CC number by e-mail for a booking, I ask for a fax number and fax it in.

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I email credit card numbers for such purposes without worrying about it. I am less confident about fax, since you have no control over who wanders through the room when the paper comes out at the other end. Email just feels more secure to me.

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It all comes down to the end receiver. If they are so inclined, they can forward your CC info. Doesn't matter whether it is by email or fax. Emailing CC info to hotels/BB's is quite safe and rarely results in problems.