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Searching for Best option to get to spain from Loire

Hi there,
i am busy planning my 3 month trip to europe for 2008.
after several postings and some great advice i think i am starting to figure this
thing out .

im planning on spending time in paris/normandy then the loire valley
before heading to spain, i was originally after the loire going to head to some
wineries near the bordeaux region before heading into spain, but i have decided to extend my time in the loire and check out some vineyards there instead. im trying to work out the best way to get from amboise/tours to
san sebastian or bilbao (this is where i think i will head first in spain-although it may end up being madrid) assuming its san seb which would be the best way to get there from loire/tours? i looked on the die bahn rail site and it appears to be a 7-8 hour journey, i wouldnt have thought it would be a direct trip but when i checked the site it did not mention any train changes, does anyone know if thats the case? also i did not see any night trains, would this not be an option for this route? i also considered as an option getting the TGV back to paris before flying to biaritz or bilbao ( i checked and there are very cheap flights) any advice or recommendations would be fantastic- i would prefer not to drive that far down in france if it can be avoided,
and thanks again, i love this site :)