Schonbrunn palace - a must see?

End of November we are on a Danube christmas market river cruise. Afternoon offers an optional tour of Schonbrunn Palace-mostly the Imperial rooms I think. In past trips to Europe we have seen our fair share of castles and palaces but if you think this is a must see I will book us in. It includes a 45 minute time at its market. If not Schonbrunn what else would you recommend? Oh, in the morning we have a bus/coach city tour including the Rathaus market and the National Library.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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The "country palace" is a must see in Vienna and one of the premier residences anywhere. The downtown palaces and museums are also must seesas Maria-Theresa really knew how to live. You can get to these sights by taxi, as a tour is not required. Vienna was a crossroads in the importation of goods from the Far East. Their museums and palaces are incredible.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I loved Schonbrunn! I would absolutely recommend that you see it.

Posted by JS
Bay Area
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Yes Schonbrunn is wonderful and the gardens too which you may miss due to weather are also a hit.Hopefully you can decide last minute as you say you have done alot of palaces/castles. The museums in Vienna are a big draw as are the Lippanzanner Stallion show. But if the weather is fair it is wonderful walking in the pedistrian zone and popping into the churches along the way to see the architectural beauty. Often classical concerts are given in the churches & are also affortable and a treat. Sometimes it is ok not to plan just enjoy the place.

Posted by Iain
Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Been to Schonbrunn 3 times! Great place even if you have seen many palaes and castles. Gardens are magnificent. If the tour is not included in your cruise, you can get there easily by underground. Coming from the river I think you need to change at Karlsplatz. If you stay in the city there is the cathedral - St. Stephens, Hofburg. Even just walking the streets, sit in a cafe, enjoy teh atmosphere. If I were to live anywhere outside of Canada or Scotland, my point of origin, it would be Vienna!

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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Glad you decided to visit. I would rank Schönbrunn number two on my own list of top 5 palaces in Europe that I've visited. Versailles is number 1, Schönbrunn 2, Hofburg 3, Palacio Real in Madrid 4 (could probably switch 3 and 4 if I spent too much time thinking about it), and Würzburg Residenz 5. After that, it tightens up, but Munich's Residenz is probably 6 (might also be able to switch 5 and 6). I'll stop there. I never change my top 2. Enjoy the visit!

Posted by LaRae
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Oh my don't miss it. Favorite part of Vienna. Also very easy to miss but so incredible is the carriage house. Separate ticket from entrance to Schonbrunn. As you walk into the palace it's the building on the right. Get the ticket to the carriage house when you get your ticket to the palace. Also the grounds and gardens surrounding the palace are incredible.

Posted by annemarie
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WEll, I think I will do the tour with the cruise group which shows mainly the imperial rooms. That way, as well, I can check out the Christmas market as well.

Posted by Susan
Atlanta, Ga, USA
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Be sure to visit the tea room at Schonbrunn Palace. The pastries and hot chocolate are fabulous. Our visit was in november and it was much too cold to walk through the gardens :(

Posted by Robert
Happy Valley, PA
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Also, if you are able, go out into the garden area and walk to the top of the Gloriette for a fantastic view of the palace as well as the mountains to the south (behind you). Since there is a cafe at the Gloriette, enjoy a cup of coffee with some apfel strudel. The oldest zoo in Europe (Tiergarten Schonbrunn) is also located adjacent to the Schonbrunn Schlosspark.

Posted by Debi
Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
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Loved this palace!! Took a great strudel making class in a place on the grounds of this palace. Highly recommend! Happy Travels!!

Posted by Deb
Jay, USA
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Definitely go to Schonbrunn; I, too, have seen many palaces, and rate it at the top. It's a better interior tour than Versailles, more rooms, more furniture, smaller crowds and fewer pickpockets.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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"fewer pickpockets" ,, er Debbie, Versailles is not particularily known for pickpockets, most of them don't want to pay the 18 euros to get in, plus there is too much staff , and it wouldn't be easy to run away because of crowds.. now, if you are talking about Paris that would be different. I haven't been to Schonbrunn, but can't wait to visit it, Marie Antionettes childhood home wasn't it.. I love the history of places.