Schloss Charlottenberg?

Greetings travelers! I've been fine-tuning our Amsterdam/Berlin trip for May. Rick seems to give short-shrift to Schloss Charlottenberg, whereas other guidebooks place a greater value on it. We're planning on a day trip to Potsdam so maybe Charlottenberg woudl be palace overkill anyway? By the way, we're arriving in Berlin around 17:30 on a Saturday via train. By the time we get settled into our hotel, I am wondering what the best activity might be prior to dinner. Maybe just a stroll? (we're staying near Mitte/Hackescher Markt) and save a hop-on type city overview tour for Sunday? Thanks! Todd

Posted by Dennis
Redmond, WA
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We spent seven weeks in Berlin last summer and went to both many times (we were in walking distance of Charlottenberg). The Charlottenberg grounds are lovely, but Potsdam's are more beautiful. But Potsdam's are huge - to see them well, plan on a full day and a lot of walking. Don't miss the Chinese teahouse and, of course, Sancouci. The palace has long lines and entry times - get your tickets on arrival, early! Charlottenberg was leveled in the war the everything is reproduced; Potsdam is original. A stroll would be great. Use your guidebook to find something you are interested in as the subway can get you anywhere quickly!

Posted by Fred
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Hi, I've visited Schloss Charlottenburg but only superificially since the last tour had already started. But the grounds are certainly worth visiting regardless what that guide book says, which is irrelevant to me. My suggestion is for that day trip from Berlin take a tour of Potsdam, catch that outside of Potsdam Hbf., which includes getting off and walking at Sans Soucci and esp. Neues Palais. Don't skip Schloss Charlottenburg before leaving Berlin.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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Can't comment about the palaces, except that I generally think that more than one palace every few days - or even in a single trip - can quickly lead to palace overkill. If you're staying by Hackeschermarkt, that's a perfect place for a pre-dinner stroll. Check out the Hackescherhof and the other numerous similar courtyards in that neighborhood, the New Synagogue, the Jewish Cemetery, the art galleries, and cafes. I really like that area for just "hanging out" If you're going to be there over a Saturday, don't miss the market! Cool crafts and some of the best baklava ever.

Posted by Mark
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I personally like the Palace Charlottenburg a lot, but, yeah, Potsdam and Charlottenburg in one short visit is a 'baroque palace overkill' unless you're really into baroque palaces. If your visiting the Berggruen collection, the Scharf-Gerstenberg collection and/or the Bröhan museum (all of which are housed in the Stüler buildings belonging to the palace) though, it can be quite nice to take a break and stroll though the palace gardens to recover from 'Picasso overkill' ;-)