Schauffhausen - is it a must-see

We have read a little about Schauffhausen and wonder how valuable a visit there would be when we only have 10 days in total in Switzerland. We are spending 5 in Lauterbrunen area, 2 days in Lucerne, 1 in Ebenalp, 1 in Lugano on the way to Italy ...leaving a day to spare in the middle.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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The highlight of Schaffhausen is the Rheinfalls. Other than that, it's a fairly non-descript canton.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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For me and my tastes, Schauffhausen is a nice place, but not one I'd get out of my way to visit.

Posted by Jana
Aberdeen, Washington, U.S.
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Mentioning Schauffhausen brings back memories of our trip in '84. We stayed at the Park Hotel. It was like a medieval castle, beautiful. But I think we were the only guests that night. The bathroom was on another floor. I had to get up during the night to find the W.C. It felt like an Abbot and Castello movie with monsters behind every tapestry hanging on the walls. It was pretty creepy being the only guests. Normally, it would have been fantastic. For this reason, I will never forget Schauffhausen, but the Rhinfalls are worth a visit.

Posted by Tim
Wyckoff, NJ, USA
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The Rheinfall is attractive, but I just can't call it un-missable. It would seem that your main interest in Switzerland is mountains and scenery, so the medieval villages, Roman monuments (like Augusta Rarurica), and the art museums of Basel and Zurich are not priorities. Immediately over the border from Basel is the Vitra Design Museum, where I went to see Zaha Hadid's first constructed building, the Vitra Fire Station. I mention it because it seems out-of-the-way during other trips to "the rest" of Germany. You can see Lake Konstanz while visiting Germany or Austria, another time.

Posted by vera
Three HIlls
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Thank you for your helpful responses. Schauffhausen is somewhat out of the way so we will research alternate possibilities.