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Scenic train ride in Switzerland

Seeking scenic train rides-without long tunnel stretches or parts where you feel you are dangling over a cliff- thanks

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I took the Golden Pass line. I started from Geneva taking a local train around the lake to Montreux where I picked up the first leg of the two leg ride to Interlaken. Nice ride,very relaxing, no major clifs or tunnels that I remember.

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The highlight of the Golden Pass line are the cliffs the train has to negotiate as the train goes to and from Montreux. So there are a significant amount of cliffs on this route. Switzerland is a mountainous country, it impossible to have a scenic train route without cliffs or tunnels.

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Perhaps i wasnt as clear as I should have been. I am not trying to avoids tunnels or cliffs- just LONG tunnels (15+ minutes) and dangling over cliffs.

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We had a Swiss Rail Pass so took several of the scenic trips since they were included. The trains were such fun. Glacier Express is the longest and quite pretty. The Golden to Montreux was very pretty and we also took the one that goes from Luzern to Interlaken (don't remember the name). They use cog rails a lot, so the steep parts feel very controlled and safe. While there are mountains all around, I never had a sense of feeling insecure. They were all wonderful rides. Now, taking the gondolas up or down is a whole different story, but still great fun. You might want to try other routes (sometimes an option) if you are really afraid of heights. The Swiss are very good with their transportation technology. Enjoy.