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On July 19th we (me, wife and 1yr.old) will be ready to leave Vienna. On July 26th, we'd like to arrive in Paris. Any suggestions on where to go during that time? We'll be traveling by train and we'd like to get away from big cities during this part of our trip because the rest of it consists of mainly big cities. Keep in mind that we've already been to Salzburg, Eagles Nest and Gimmelwald and would like to do something different this time. Thanks for you help!

Posted by Tim
Ojai, CA
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Here are 3 scenic areas you might enjoy: 1. The Wachau Valley in Austria - a short train ride from Vienna to Krems and then take a ferry boat up the Danube to Durnstein (good place to spend the night). from there continue on to Melk to see the abbey. 2. The S.W. corner of Bavaria; F├╝ssen & the Royal Castles or Oberstdorf.
3. The wine region of Alsace.... Colmar area.

Posted by Christi
Whitsett, TX, United States
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Tim has great suggestions - especially Colmar - great little place. Freiburg in Germany is also very nice. A nice smaller city is Heidelburg - the castle is fun and they have a great old city.

Posted by Dick
Olympia, WA, USA
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A second vote for the Wachau Valley, but that's one day and night at most. Haven't been to Alsace but that would be another good choice. And Burgundy has beautiful countryside and wonderful wine (perhaps lost on your kid), Dijon is the hub but Beaune is a smaller city nearby. You could spend some days there if it fits your plans. Also Reims, one of the great cathedrals of Europe and Champagne everwhere (again, lost on Junior). A week to get between Vienna and Paris is a good problem to have.